Long Resistance Bands Fabric Exercise Band Leg And Glute Exercise Belt


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  • 🧘‍ The long resistance band set is made of high-quality soft and skin-friendly polyester cotton stretch fabric, which will not show breakage or stretch marks when stretched, ensuring the durability of the fitness band, and the non-slip fabric material will not slip or roll down during exercise, Its soft knitted surface won't rub against the skin, making movement more comfortable.

  • 🧘‍ Our resistance band set comes with 3 training bands for new athletes or fitness enthusiasts, men and women. You can double the resistance bands for added strength, each fabric resistance band provides a different resistance value: (Light) 24 LBS, (Medium) 32 LBS, (Heavy) 49 LBS, Total Set: 105 LBS.

  • 🧘‍ The resistance band is an all-in-one workout companion for men and women, perfect for exercise workouts, pull-ups, muscle building, stretching, yoga, pilates, chest, butt, legs, abs, arms, back, shoulders, buttocks; this The Sports Body Band can be used with a variety of fitness equipment to support additional upper and lower body training.

  • 🧘‍ The fabric fitness band is lightweight and portable. Comes with a carrying bag, and the fabric straps can fit directly into your gym bag without taking up too much space. Our men's and women's tension belts allow you to train and get in shape anywhere, such as at home, gym, office, hotel, beach or travel, with this versatility to expand your workout needs.

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exercise anywhere

Without taking any expensive and heavy exercise equipment, our pullup bands assistance bands allows you do training and fitness anywhere in high cost-effective ways to shape your perfect body, such as at home, the gym, office, hotel, beach or travel.

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100% high quality fabric

The Long resistance bands are made out of superior soft and skin-friendly polyester cotton stretch fabric, which results in no roll-up and breakage while exercising. Compared with traditional rubber and latex loop exercise band - they're harsh for your skin, are quick to wear out, or break completely - Our workout bands improve elasticity, can maximize comfort and avoid pinch skin, which is the best choice for sports fitness.

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Three resistance values

The length of the three resistance bands is 2080*40mm, but the resistance values are different. The resistance value of the small resistance band is 25LBS, the medium resistance band is 35LBS, and the largest resistance band is 50LBS. You can use one pull-up strap alone or 2-3 workout straps at the same time. The maximum resistance can reach 110LBS. Meet the needs of beginners and professionals, and also meet the different needs of men and women.

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High Elasticity, Breaking Resistance

The long resistance bands are made of high quality material and will never break suddenly during exercise like low quality fitness bands. The built-in high extensibility increases the super elasticity of the pull-up band and ensures a high-quality training experience. That the resistance band made of fabric + strong stretchability material is more durable and safer than the resistance band made of pure low quality.

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