Beech Pushup Stand Home Strength Training

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  • 💪 The push-up stands are made of high-quality solid wood, natural non-slip beech, sturdy and durable, so they stay in place even during intense training and offers a comfortable grip, increases cushioning to reduce wrist fatigue and avoid injury during the workout. The wood texture with nice surface can be clearly seen.

  • 💪 The workout stands can support up to 550lbs (250kg), strong enough to target the triceps, biceps, lats, pecs, deltoids, abs, and more. Suit for V Sit, handstand, handstand press, pushing, planking, calisthenics, fitness etc. The Non-Slip base prevents you from moving or collapsing while doing exercises.

  • 💪 Wooden push-ups are good for toughness and solidity, they are more able to slow down the impact on the human body than steel-made push-ups. With the stability of the triangle, the push-up bracket is designed to be a narrow top and wide bottom structure. The unique fixing method is used to make the push-up bracket more stable during use.

  • 💪 The push-up bars are not just for body fitness, strength training, muscle-building, home exercise, calisthenics, gym studio, but also excellent for recovery from a broken arm, bad arthritis in wrists, or give hemiplegia or amputee stability to push up and transfer into the wheelchair. 30-day FULL REFUND guarantee for any reason.

  • 💪 In addition, a non-slip rubber sleeve is provided, which can be fixed on the handle for safer and more efficient training.

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Benefits of Resistance Ropes for Man

All-round equipment covering all muscle groups: shoulders, chest, latissimus dorsi, triceps, biceps, leg muscles, buttocks, etc. Almost all muscle groups can be trained with elastic ropes

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Benefits of Resistance Ropes for Women

Because the resistance of the elastic rope is small, it is more suitable for women to do some strength training, which is convenient for women to shape. Training with the elastic rope can not only shape a sexy figure, but also will not exercise the muscles that affect the appearance

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Applicable to a wider group of people

The resistance rope is trained with the help of the gravity generated after pulling. We can adjust the length of the elastic rope and change its elastic gravity according to the actual needs, so its training intensity is relatively lower than other fitness equipment. For some fitness equipment A friend with a lower base is a very good choice

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