Best Boxwood Parallettes Pushup Bars


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  • It is made of natural imported boxwood and artificially selected materials, and the quality is guaranteed.

  • Unlike plastic and metal products that slip when sweating, the wooden handle always provides a firm grip. The risk of injury can thus be minimized.

  • Sturdy, inverted wooden bar is sturdy and durable to withstand long-term use. For fitness safety, the triangular pivot is more stable than an ordinary inverted bar. There is a non-slip strip on the bottom of the inverted bar that will not wobble. The short shelf reduces the load, the balance does not vibrate, and the two sides are firmly fixed. The handle feels thick, absorbs sweat and feels good in the hand.

  • Strengthening muscles is very suitable for exercise. It can easily train the chest, back, abdomen, biceps, upper body and back muscles. It is recommended for those who want to strengthen and tone the upper body in a short time. Very suitable for fitness people, gymnasts, teenagers and professional sneakers.

  • Even if you don't have a gym or workout facilities, you can work out how you want, anytime, anywhere. You can work out easily and with pleasure. You can also easily train and practice at home. You can also give it as a gift to family and friends.

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Strongest Inversion Stand

Enhances grip and strength, stabilizes your wrists, shoulders and elbows for a solid foundation in gymnastics strength. Improves your upper body and core strength while training better joint alignment and overall balance, and also gives you enough room to straighten your legs.

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Indoor and outdoor exercise

The product is compact in design and elegant in shape, and the product minimizes usage and storage space. Simple to use, you can take it anywhere with no complicated setup required.

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Wide application and warranty

This push-up bar is not only great for body fitness, strength training, muscle building, home exercise, aerobics, gym studio, but also great for recovery from a broken arm, bad arthritis in the wrist, 30 Days No Reason Full Refund.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are All Products Guaranteed Brand New?

Yes, our products are strictly produced in our own factory, guarantee the first-hand packaging is brand new and unopened,All made of the latest materials, quality assurance.

When Will It Be Shipped For Me after Placing The Order?

We usually ship within 2 working days after we receive the order, and we will be closed on holidays.

How Long Does It Take To Receive The Order?

In most cases, it can be delivered within 14 natural days, and sometimes the courier company will delay for a few days.

How Can I Inquire About My Order Tracking Information?

After the order is placed, the logistics information will be recorded in the order background. After the order is placed, you will receive a notification or email with a courier link. Click the link to enter and you can see the tracking information. You can also select "Track Order" in the quick reply in the session information in the lower right corner of the store to automatically inquire for you.

What Courier Is The Order Being Delivered By?

In most cases we use YunExpress, we also cooperate with FedEx, DHL

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