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  • ✨ When the abdominal training wheel is put into the load condition, the large wheel reset system assists the reset, so that the movement can be performed easily and sports injuries can be avoided.

  • ✨ The built-in steel spring is driven automatically, is more uniform and has a longer service life than the conventional steel spring Multi-layer wear-resistant damper.

  • ✨ The fully closed power supply system is smoother, drive efficiency is improved, and stretching, deformation, crimping and splitting are effectively prevented.

  • ✨ The display SEC scientifically and intuitively controls calorie consumption, professionally controls the amount of movement, and the movement is never blind.

  • ✨ Maximum load-bearing 200KG.

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abdominal waist exercise

With the help of the abdominal wheel, it can not only strengthen the abdominal muscles of the exerciser, but also enhance the muscles of the waist, abdomen and buttocks, and at the same time, it can also help the obese to achieve the effect of slimming and belly fat.

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lose weight all over the body

The abdominal wheel can exercise the whole body, mainly exercise the abdomen, forearms, shoulders, and calves. It can be used to change the body shape and weight, and has a good weight loss effect.

Long Resistance Bands Exercise Bands

With various fitness methods

The abdominal wheel can not only do individual training, but also can be used with various fitness methods for exercise. With the abdominal wheel, you can perform kneeling, standing, leg training, yoga, back, and light-intensity training.

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Are All Products Guaranteed Brand New?

Yes, our products are strictly produced in our own factory, guarantee the first-hand packaging is brand new and unopened,All made of the latest materials, quality assurance.

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In most cases we use YunExpress, we also cooperate with FedEx, DHL

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